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Scott Wright


Scott started playing drums in 4th grade when the drummer in the 10th Mountain Division jazz band looked at his hands and said “man you are going to be a drummer”.  A native of Northern New York State, he has been playing ever since.  Through high school in a local band which ultimately played at the World’s Fair to this great project here in Denver, Colorado, Scott has played with recording artists and a Grammy winning producer, the most prolific players in country, rock, blues and funk, from the Northern and Western New York area for over 40 years.


During a 30 year career in education as a teacher and then school administrator, Scott continued to play in various bands and upon retirement he and his wife moved to Colorado in 2015 to be closer to their children.  With the encouragement of his oldest son, Christopher who is a professional drummer and sound engineer in the Denver area, Scott began sitting in at various blues jams throughout the city.  This led to joining a blues band and working on various other projects over the past 2 years.


Scott has said that Born To Run Live presents the opportunity to bring Bruce’s varied musical styles in all types of music from the jazz oriented Spirit in The Night to the straight up rock n roll namesake of the band.  “To be able to play with the caliber of musicians who not only are extremely talented but extremely task oriented as well, is a blessing that few musicians get to do, especially when they’ve been around as long as I have!”


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