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Bobby Miller

Organ, Keyboards, Guitar, Harmonica

Born and raised a Colorado native, Bobby has been playing music longer than he's been walking. Starting with piano and guitar, he's branched out into plethora of instruments over the years including harmonica, bass, ukulele, mandolin, trombone, trumpet, baritone, tuba, saxophone, clarinet and drums as well as developing a proficient resume of vocal accomplishments including All-State Choir and All-State Jazz Chorus.


He attributes is original interest and drive to always be improving to his father, Steve Miller, who has been a professional keyboard player during the entirety of Bobby's life. He also recognizes his Grandfather, Red Miller, as a huge inspiration in his life on the music front and beyond.



Bobby has recorded and performed with several jazz and blues bands in the Denver area as well as leading three Denver bands in the last decade. He prides himself in being both a proficient lead singer and a utility player both in the studio and on stage. Bobby feels Born to Run Live has been an excellent opportunity to put full focus into a project that encompasses both true musicianship and showmanship through the band's goal of creating a full-blown performance, rather than simply playing the music of Springsteen.

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