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Bob Giusto


Bob Giusto remembers exactly where he was in 1976 the very first time he heard the Born to Run album.  He was immediately hooked on Bruce Springsteen’s music, an affinity that has not diminished through the years.  He first picked up a saxophone in high school, and Clarence Clemons' distinctive sound has always served as a standard to emulate.


While Bob did not remain active in the music scene of his hometown (Queens, New York, baby!) during college and his early twenties, his saxophone remained a part of his life as he would pick it up occasionally to play either the blues or some of Clemons’ famous riffs. Now a transplant to the Denver area, Bob has reignited his passion for playing music.  For several years he has been active in the local blues scene, playing at a variety of jams around town.  He has also gigged with Alan Knight and Company, The Closers, and Chaz DePaolo among others.


Thrilled to be a member of Born to Run, Live! Bob is absolutely impressed by the dedication and abilities of his bandmates.  From their first rehearsals together, Bob has had a powerful sense that this band has the skill, passion, and work ethic to make great things happen musically.  He knows audiences will feel the same once they see this great band in action.


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