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Archie Aquino

Piano, Keyboards, Vocals

Archie began early playing guitar and subsequently moved to piano in response to the question: "would you like to learn how to play piano?" That was at the tender age of eight. After years of piano lessons and also playing guitar, Archie found other musicians to form bands and music groups to further hone skills that cannot be attained without stage presentations.


Playing the Bass Guitar in a Chicago/Chase band, Archie spent a lot of time on stage ... losing some hearing at the same time. Eventually, college called and so did studies. To make a little extra cash, Archie offered improvisational piano tutoring ... all that time without joining a full-time band because of the time commitment.

In later years, Archie played music in many parts of the USA as well as in Europe with a couple of local bands. The keyboards (piano) will always be Archie's go-to instrument. Joining several bands in recent years as the keyboardist and providing backup vocals, More than a dozen years of playing/performing in the Denver area sharpened Archie's chops and motivated a move to something that would stretch and expand Archie's skills as a musician. Placing an entry on the local BandMix website, Archie was found by a start-up Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band. This was certainly a new venture and until then, Archie loved listening to Springsteen music but had no appreciation of musicianship that made it what it was. Listening intently, studying, and practicing brought Archie around to truly "hearing" what the E-Street Band was doing and Archie quickly became impressed and enamored with their music and their skills.


Archie quickly became a natural to attempt to play Roy Bittan's piano stylings for the Born to Run Live Tribute Band.

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